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Maine Coon Breeders

              CFA & TICA
registered European Male Breeders 

Tica Cream/White Harlequin Blue Eye Dominant Male

cosmo 3.jpg

Onyx CFA & TICA Registered European, Black Male Onyx  Retired

Euopean Maine Coon

              CFA & TICA
registered European Female Breeders 

Vada CFA  TICA Registered European, Blues Tabby  Female 

Euopean Maine Coon  Vada

 Willow TICA Registered European, Black Torti Poly  Female 

Euopean Maine Coon  willow tv

Alice TICA Registered European, Torbi tabby Poly  Female 

Euopean Maine Coon Alice

Tica Silver Torbi/White Female 


trinity new.jpg

 Tiger Lilly TICA Registered European, Silver Torti Female 

Euopean Maine Coon  TIGER LILY

Slinky TICA Registered European, Black Torti Female 

Euopean Maine Coon Slinky

Lotti TICA Registered European, Black Poly Female 

dark mark coon lottie

Tica Silver Torbi Female


zelda new

Future European Breeders TICA & CFA Registered

Tica Black Smoke Female 


jericho new.jpg

Tica Black High Smoke  Female 


loona 7 weeks.jpg

Tica Silver /White Tabby Poly Male


sabastian new.jpg

Tica Solid White Blue Eyed Female 



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